Born in Burgos, (1981) Architect (2006) and PhD Architect (2013) by the School of Architecture of Valladolid. Assistant Professor of Architectural Projects since 2014 at the same school.

He has published articles on finnish architecture in renowned media such as VLC, ZARCH or PPA, and been invited to take part in International Conferences like the 1st International Congress “Mizuiro” (2011) or the International Congress: Aalto beyond Finland (2014).

He has also enjoyed two UVa Research Scholarships, a F.P.U. Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture, one Scholarship by Caja de Arquitectos Foundation and one more of the Research Program Jóvenes Excelentes by Caja de Burgos Foundation. He is a member of the Recognized Research Group GIRDAC at the University of Valladolid.

His academic and research works are combined with his professional activity as a Founding Partner of Oaestudio, an architecture and interior design office. Architectural design of residential, educational, retail and hostelry environments, together with a wide production of ephemeral and experimental spaces, are the main focus of his studio’s activity.