1924 – was born on January 10 in San Sebastián.

1943 – Starts studying architecture in Madrid.

1947 – He abandons his studies and start drawing at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.

1951 – He returned to Euskadi, where he made his first iron work, Ilarik.

1954 – Make the four doors for the Aranzazu Basilica.

1958 – Receives the International Grand Prize for Sculpture at the 29thVenice Biennale.

1974 – The steel sculpture Estela a Pablo Neruda [Stele for Pablo Neruda] is placed in Tehran.

1977 – Begins the installation of Peine del viento  XV [Comb of the Wind XV] in San Sebastián.

1992 – The Monumento a la tolerancia [Monument to Tolerance] is inaugurated at the Muelle de la Sal in Seville.

2000 – Inauguration of the Chillida Leku museum in Hernani.

2002 – He died on August 19 in San Sebastián.